Dubai, UAE

International Youth Summit - Dubai 2023

Dates: 25th to 27th August, 2023

International Youth Summit – Dubai

The International Youth Summit Dubai 2023, hosted by Voice For Rights International, in collaboration with Teaching Pakistan and Legalites was a significant gathering of young minds from around the world. Held at the prestigious Intercontinental Hotels in Dubai, the summit aimed to foster discussions on crucial topics such as youth leadership, entrepreneurship, and emotional intelligence.
  • Global Participation: The event witnessed a remarkable international presence with attendees from 34 different countries. This diverse representation enriched the discussions and provided a global perspective on the topics at hand.
  • Attendance: In-person participation consisted of 105 delegates, while an additional 93 participants joined the summit online, showcasing the hybrid nature of the event.
  • Engaging Sessions: The summit featured a series of engaging sessions, workshops, and panel discussions led by renowned experts and thought leaders in the fields of youth leadership, entrepreneurship, and emotional intelligence.
  • Best Delegate Award: The summit recognized outstanding leadership qualities, and the coveted “Best Delegate Award” was presented to Harshita Sharma from India for her exemplary contributions and commitment to the summit’s objectives.
Key Takeaways:
  • Youth Leadership: Participants gained valuable insights into effective leadership strategies, empowering them to become catalysts for positive change in their communities.
  • Entrepreneurship: Discussions on entrepreneurship provided attendees with practical knowledge and tools to pursue innovative ideas and drive economic growth.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and developing emotional intelligence emerged as a critical skill for personal and professional success, fostering greater empathy and effective communication.
The International Youth Summit Dubai 2023 was a resounding success, bringing together young leaders from diverse backgrounds to discuss and explore critical topics. The event not only provided a platform for knowledge sharing but also inspired attendees to become advocates for positive change in their respective spheres. The recognition of Harshita Sharma as the Best Delegate exemplifies the caliber of participants and their commitment to the summit’s ideals.
Voice For Rights International extends its heartfelt appreciation to all attendees, speakers, and partners who contributed to the success of this event. We look forward to future collaborations and endeavors that further our mission of promoting youth leadership, entrepreneurship, and emotional intelligence on a global scale.

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