Global Ambassador

Be A VFRI Ambassador

    - Young people between the ages of 18-35
    - Determined to achieve UN Sustainable development goals.
    - Vibrant, Proficient and broad-minded young individuals.

    - You must demonstrate a clear commitment to fostering peace development, articulating your key motivations.
    - Display proficiency in elucidating your biographical and educational experiences within social engagements. Showcase vibrancy, diversity, and an abundance of ideas, providing effective solutions for peace building.
    - Maintain a constructive approach when addressing conflict resolution. Promote and educate Peace.

    - Upon being appointed as VFRI ambassador, receive an official certificate of recognition.
    - Gain acknowledgment as an Ambassador on our official website.
    - Enjoy the privilege of representing your country at international conferences and summits.
    - Have the opportunity to engage with inspirational and diverse youth globally.
    - Expand your social network significantly through this unique avenue.