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Voice for Rights International
World's Best Diplomats

An organization committed to instructing and cultivating future diplomats through Diplomatic Simulations, it serves as a platform for young leaders and changemakers to engage in discussions and devise solutions for the most challenging global issues. These simulations offer an ideal avenue for aspiring future diplomats to acquire and refine the essential skills of lobbying and critical thinking, thereby enhancing their capabilities to become adept diplomats.
Voice for Rights

Our Mission & Goals

Improving the quality of life with awareness about Universal Declaration of Human Rights by United Nations, achieving peace and freedom, developing democracy, fighting against the racial, cultural and religious discrimination, solving social problems around the world.
To advocate the rights for deprived sector of society.
To works achieving enviromentally sensitive sustainable developmentt.
To Promote constructive dialogue on social harmony.
To work for Natural resources management/environmental protection.
To exploit the talents of associated civil society organizations and of communities through participation.
The voice for rights International Association shall collaborate with government and local government bodies, similar national and international organizations, in order to achieve their goals and objectives.