Partner With Us

Be Our Partner Organization

    - The organization must possess official registration status.
    - It should demonstrate a substantial commitment to both peace development and sustainment.
    - Furthermore, it should actively deliberate on and promote the objectives set forth by VFRI.

    - Demonstrate a high level of proficiency in hosting VFRI delegates within your country.
    - The ability to efficiently organize conferences or training programs in your country should be within your capacity.
    - Showcase the capability to coordinate peace activities within your communities effectively.

    - Become a valued stakeholder of VFRI, gaining authorization to organize Conferences on its platform.
    - Seize the unparalleled opportunity to represent your organization at the United Nations Headquarters.
    - Take on the responsibility of leading and hosting numerous VFRI Ambassadors from your country.
    - Additionally, avail yourself of the chance to serve as an Ambassador for VFRI, receiving a letter of partnership and acknowledgment on the official VFRI website for your organization.