Baku, Azerbaijan

International Diplomat's Conference - Baku 2022

Dates: 26th to 28th August, 2022

International Diplomat’s Conference – Baku

On 26th August 2022, the International Diplomat’s Conference was organized at Baku, Azerbaijan by a joint collaborative effort of Teaching Pakistan and Voice for Rights International Association Canada. The 3 day event focused on three major themes i.e. International Law and Justice, Freedom of Speech, Drugs education and Global economic instability. The main idea behind this international event was to gather social activists from different communities and vast backgrounds and collectively provide them with the opportunity to discuss the root causes of these issues and find means to tackle these matters.

After the conference, Spotlight sessions were conducted during which the Participants from Azerbaijan, Pakistan and UAE highlighted their personal experience of the conference, presented their future aspirations and conveyed their gratitude for getting the opportunity to participate in the prestigious event. At last, the award ceremony was conducted followed by the ending remarks from the organisers. Moreover, on the basis of the quality of discussion, six participants were selected as the Partially funded delegates for the upcoming youth leadership training program intended to occur in the USA in 2023, While one participant was awarded with the title of Best Delegate and selected as a fully funded participant for the training program.

This 3 days event enabled social activists to understand and form solutions for implementing the UN-SDGs in our own country, while focusing on their applicability on a national level, understand, controversies and issues that pertain to this phenomenon and lastly, understand the root causes of global economic instability, lack of freedom of speech as well. This international conference not only helped participants to gain strong communication skills to convey their perspective within a crowd but also exposed them to a unique cross-cultural experience. It is believed that the entire speaker sessions organized in this conference empowered all the participants and also inspired them to work on individual levels to break the society’s stereotypes through the power of free speech but also advocate the right for education on every level. Given that the participants in the conference belonged from diverse professional fields, this event enhanced individual understanding regarding then need for innovation, user psyche in economic and need for drug education which are not commonly discussed.


Arion Hotel, Baku - Azerbaijan

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